December and January Roundup

Published: 4 months ago

Hey team, how is 2024 treating you so far?

It's been a hectic one for me. I was pretty unwell at the end of December and then got quite distracted in January with a few other projects, so I failed to post an update on progress for December. So here is a combined one for December and January!

Some success

  • Sustained over 100 visitors to the site per day, resulting in 22k page views for both months 📈

    It's nice to see continued traffic, and seeing it maintain a solid average of well over 10k page views per month. But there's still a long way to go to hit my 50k page views per month target

  • Over 700 new user accounts registered, averaging about 10 per day 🧑🏻‍💻

  • This saw us cross the 2,000 registered users mark in early Jan 👀

  • Opened up the Laradir repo to sponsors, got 3 GitHub Sponsors 🔓

  • We're now at over 600 approved profiles, which puts approval rate at just over 33% 🪪

  • Ran our first competition and chose a winner! 🏆 They got a free Laracasts Forever account!

  • Acquired 3 new paying customers: 2 on-site Sponsors and 1 Team 🫰 but lost a Sponsor 😞

  • Launched our Referral Program so you can get rewarded for referring paying customers to Laradir 🚀

  • Published 12 blog posts

  • We had some amazing feedback from our new Team customer and have made various improvements with more to come

  • Even more exciting: they were able to find a suitable candidate using Laradir 🎉 Success! 💪🏼


February is going to be a tricky month because I'm travelling quite a bit, but I am planning to get a few things done this month:

  • Job alerts - get alerted when new Laravel jobs are posted anywhere online
  • One-off credit top-ups
  • More filter options

That's it for this time, the next round-up is likely to come around mid-March.