What is Laradir?

You are facing the Laravel-only developer directory. We change the conventional job and worker search model, make it easier and connect companies and people directly.

How does it work?

  1. Developers interested in hearing offers: create your own profiles.
  2. Companies looking for workers can filter and directly contact whomever they want. Everyone is a candidate.
  3. A company → developer conversation is started to advance the selection process. No intermediaries.

For developers

You don't need to be connected all day to job offers, job boards, LinkedIn... Register in Laradir, keep your profile updated and wait to be contacted for the best job offers.

For business

Finding talent is complicated; talent is waiting for you here. Dive into the developer directory waiting to hear about new opportunities. You can contact and talk to them directly, with a much higher response rate than with cold emails. Oh, and with a faster and easier process!