About Laradir

What is Laradir?

Laradir is the biggest directory of Laravel-only developers. It exists to bring more of the awesome developers in this community to the surface and showcase the amazing talent that's available. We're board of conventional job boards, and want to make it easier for great Laravel devs and great Laravel teams to find each other and work together.

How does it work?

  1. Developers create their own profile. Teams create their own profile.
  2. We validate both to ensure they're genuine Laravel devs and teams and publish the profiles.
  3. Teams with a paid subscription can then use our advanced search and filters to find the perfect devs and reach out to any they'd like to talk to.

For Devs

Stop hitting refresh all day on those job boards and LinkedIn; Register on Laradir, keep your profile updated and wait to be contacted by your favourite Laravel teams.

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For Teams

If you want to reach the best devs, you can't just create a job ad, post it online and be done. Reaching out to devs directly and authentically is the best way to bring in top talent. Laradir makes it a cinch to find great devs and get in touch with them. Most respond within a few hours!

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