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Finding the right Laravel developer can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Sifting through countless applications from unqualified candidates is frustrating.

Why use Laradir?

Saves Time:
Laradir is attracting high-quality candidates who are actively seeking opportunities. They're pre-qualified through our manual approval process, which is done by highly experienced hiring managers who are also experienced Laravel developers! So you know every profile on site represents a genuine Laravel developer who is ready to go.
Better Matching:
Candidates are required to complete a Laravel-skills focused profile that ensures you can find exactly the right kind of person to fill that gap in your team.
Cost Effective:
Traditional job ads can be expensive and often require a significant investment in review, research and follow-up of applications. With Laradir, you only reach out to and hear back from developers whose profiles match your needs. You can send unlimited messages to any developers on the platform for a simple, low-cost subscription.
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The best way to find great Laravel developers

Our platform connects you with potential candidates who have already created profiles and uploaded their resumes for review. We're not trying to be the only way you find developers, but we know we're the best way.

Pre-qualified developer profiles
New developers sign up each month
Average response time
< 24 hours

Laradir lets you communicate directly with potential candidates, personalising the hiring process and helping ensure a good match for your team even before you interview. (You should always interview!)

With our unique filtering system, you can find the right candidate for your team in a matter of minutes and start messaging with them straight away. We make sure all developers keep their profiles up to date, so you've always got the very latest information to hand about their availability, skills, experience, location and expectations.

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