✅ New Features on the Developer Search

Published: 2 months ago

Hey hey, this is just a quick post to announce some new feature on the developer search listing which I released today.

Locked / Unlocked state

Showing the locked/unlocked state of a profile on the search results screen gives you an at-a-glance view of which profiles you've already unlocked and which ones you've still got left to unlock.


The developer's country now appears on the search results to more easily spot profiles within specific locations. This is especially helpful if you are searching for developers across multiple countries.

Last messaged

The relative time for when you last messaged a developer now also appears on the search listing, giving you a helpful indication that you've started a conversation with them.

I hope you find these minor additions useful. If you have any thoughts on how I could improve these features, please add your suggestions to the suggestion box.

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