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Backend Developer- Laravel-Tailwind-VueJs-React

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Nairobi, Kenya
(UTC+03:00) Nairobi
English, Swahili

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  • Docker
  • Laravel
  • FilamentPHP
  • Vue.js
  • Livewire
  • PHPUnit
  • Elasticsearch
  • Kotlin
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • React.js
  • Nginx
  • Load balancing Nginx

Last updated: December 18th 2023

Approved: December 18th 2023


  • Junior
  • Mid

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  • Mentoring
  • Full-time employment
  • Collaboration
  • Part-time employment

Hello, I'm a backend developer with 3+ years of experience seeking junior to mid-senior roles. I have been involved in machine learning projects, SAAS products and marketing tools. I have also built internal tools for companies including admin dashboards and backoffices. I have deep love for compilers and databases. Currently learning Go while building a search and indexing tool.


  • Collaborated on a restauraunt management SAAS using laravel and ReactJs. Included features such as a Point of Sale, payments, menu management and reservations.
  • Developed an event booking SAAS using Laravel and ReactJs to manage bookings, reservations and payments.
  • Developed a backoffice for users to upload data for training machine learning models.(VueJs, postgresql and laravel)
  • Developed extensions for chatbots. I.e Payment, Channels(whatsapp and messenger integrations) and a reservation system with google calendar.(Kotlin and springboot)
  • Developed an android application for a fintech for serve as a marketing tool with admin panel to monitor their conversion.(Laravel and react native)