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Backend Team Lead | Software Engineer | Laravel • PHP • AWS

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Cairo, Egypt
English, Arabic

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  • Laravel Vapor
  • Laravel Nova
  • Filamentphp
  • Livewire
  • MySQL
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Vue.js
  • Pest
  • Docker
  • PHPUnit
  • nginx

Last updated: October 25th 2023

Approved: October 25th 2023


  • Senior
  • Mid

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  • Part-time freelance

A Software Engineer with 5 years of experience in Web and mobile apps development. Involved in over 10 projects with more than 400K users. I am a driven and enthusiastic developer with a passion for Software development. Outside of my working hours I frequently study new topics to improve my skill set. Besides coding I also like to stay involved in the development community by going to developer meetups. Ever since I started learning about software development it has truly become one of my hobbies.

I consider myself a learner as in my second year in my current company I learned AWS and how to manage and maintain servers and how to create a plan to optimize the costs, now after 4 years I become the backend and hosting lead. An achievement that I am proud of, I helped my current company to reduce hosting costs from 5000 dollars per month to 1400 dollars.

I am working now as Backend Team Lead, helps my company in:

  • Standardized the process of mobile and web development using a set of guidelines, rules and best practices
  • Supervised a team of developers and helped them deliver quality projects by sharing experience and providing feedback
  • Implemented backend solutions for Premium Card, Toriko, AstraZeneca & Inploy and more, with over 400K active users
  • Created internal packages for ecommerce module, checkout module and push notification delivery using AWS SNS
  • Developed multilingual content management systems and REST APIs
  • Configured and managed server-based and serverless deployments using AWS EC2 & AWS Lambda optimized for cost and performance
  • Migrated Premium Card from Digital Ocean to AWS
  • Integrated secure payment gateway solutions & ordering systems using Paymob
  • Helped develop internal company standards and documentation
  • Lead Hosting team from 2020 to present