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I have been working for over 7 years as a full stack web developer. I am a dedicated problem solver with a hard-working and negotiable manner. Furthermore, I use multiple languages to develop web applications in various fields like Ecommerce, E – Learning, Landing Pages, Advertising, P2P job boards and the like. Good communication with clients and colleagues motivates the deployment of products. Skills and Languages • Backend Development  PHP (Up to latest version PHP 8)  MVC frameworks (Laravel/Codigniter/Cakephp/Yii/Zend/Symfony …)  Pear/Curl/PDO/..  Python • CMS with PHP  Wordpress/Joomla… • Frontend integrations with PHP  Integration with JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries(Vue.js/Vuex/React/Redux)  Bootstrap/jQuery/HTML/HTML5/CSS/JSON/  Angular2 to 12 with angular.js • Working with database MySql/Mongo/Postgres/Oracle/Sql … • Additional skill sets  AWS (Lamda/S3 bucket/EC2)  CI/CD  Agile waterfall  Unit testing/Jest  Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket  RESTapi/Graphql/Soap  Linux(Ubuntu)