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I'm a senior full-stack web developer with 7 years of experience. I've worked with global clients on enterprise-level projects. I also develop cross-platform mobile apps and integrate AI models. I use PHP, Laravel, VueJS, Cordova and Machine Learning.

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Haroonabad, Pakistan
(UTC-07:00) Denver
English, Urdu


  • Laravel
  • Nuxt3
  • Vue3
  • Tailwind CSS
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • MongoDB
  • Node.js
  • Apache
  • nginx
  • ubuntu

Last updated: August 21st 2023

Approved: August 21st 2023


  • Senior

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  • Full-time freelance

Since the age of thirteen, I've had a huge passion for software development. Got my first commercial job when I was 17 years old as a junior web developer. Now after 7 years of experience I'm working as a senior/team lead full-stack developer and worked with all over the globe for multinational clients.

I've been focusing mainly on web development (PHP, Laravel & VueJS). Partially I was interested in mobile apps development & Machine Learning- So in 2016 I started to develop mobile apps for iOS and Android using cordova framework. & started to learn more about machine learning. I managed to make some AI models that were good replacements for expensive AI APIs.

I'm highly focusing for more than three years on enterprise-level projects.

The services I can offer are. 1- Web Applications Development. 2- Websites and Content Management Development. 3- E-commerce apps & websites development. 4- Cross-platform mobile apps. 5- Machine Learning and AI models integrations.

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