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Software Engineer | Data Engineer | Tech Lead

Photo of a Laravel Developer
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São Paulo, Brazil
(UTC-03:00) Sao Paulo
Portuguese, English, Spanish, Castilian

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  • Alpine.js
  • Apache
  • Docker
  • Inertia.js
  • FilamentPHP
  • Laravel
  • Laravel Nova
  • Laravel Vapor
  • Livewire
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • Nginx
  • Node.js
  • PHPUnit
  • Python
  • Postgres
  • Pest
  • Redis
  • Tailwind CSS
  • TypeScript
  • Vue.js
  • Flutter
  • MongoDB

Last updated: July 8th 2024

Approved: July 8th 2024


  • Lead
  • Senior

Open to...

  • Part-time freelance
  • Mentoring
  • Part-time employment

10 years of experience in technology.

As a Software Engineer/Developer:

In-depth understanding of business rules, conception, architecture, development, testing, and delivery of comprehensive digital solutions, such as SaaS platforms, web systems, websites, and mobile applications using TALL Stack, Vue.js and Nuxt.js.

As a Data Analyst/Engineer:

Development of proprietary business intelligence platforms, including client interviews, creation of data warehouses and data marts, construction of ETL routines, OLAP cubes, performance indicators (KPIs), and dashboards/graphs using open-source libraries or Power BI. Strong experience in SQL, optimization, performance tuning, and designing scalable databases. Proficiency in data analytics using Python along with libraries such as Pandas, SciPy, and NumPy.

As a Tech Lead:

Leading technical teams and managing the systems lifecycle using agile methodologies (Scrum and XP), conducting regular code reviews, and making strategic decisions regarding technology usage to balance cost and quality in delivery. Effectively communicating both technical and non-technical information, tailored to the audience's profile.

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