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Laravel | Livewire

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Peshawar, Pakistan
(UTC+05:00) Karachi

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  • Larave
  • Livewire
  • Alpine.js
  • Node.js

Last updated: March 23rd 2023

Approved: March 23rd 2023


  • Senior

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I have extensive working experience with Laravel and Node.js, which has allowed me to develop a wide range of web applications for clients in different industries. Laravel, a PHP web application framework, has given me the ability to create scalable and secure back-end systems with its elegant syntax and built-in tools. I have experience building custom solutions using Laravel, from RESTful APIs and authentication systems to complex e-commerce platforms.

On the other hand, Node.js has provided me with the ability to develop fast and efficient server-side applications. I have experience building real-time applications such as chat systems, and integrating with third-party APIs. My expertise in these two technologies has enabled me to create robust and scalable web applications that can handle large amounts of traffic and data.

Overall, my experience with Laravel and Node.js has given me the ability to deliver high-quality web solutions that meet the specific needs of my clients.