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With 18+ years in PHP and a Laravel expert since 2012

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Mitrovice, Kosovo
(UTC+01:00) Tirane
Albanian, English, Turkish, Bosnian

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  • React.js
  • Vue.js
  • Next.js
  • Laravel
  • Nuxt.js
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • NestJS
  • Docker
  • Aws

Last updated: November 19th 2023

Approved: November 19th 2023


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With a career spanning over 18 years in the realm of web development, I am a seasoned PHP developer with a profound expertise in Laravel since 2012. As the proud founder of Laracodes, my journey has been defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in the ever-evolving field of web technology.

My commitment to crafting robust and scalable solutions has not only shaped my professional trajectory but also positioned me as a trusted authority in the PHP and Laravel communities.

I am passionate about leveraging my extensive experience to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of web development, consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the digital landscape.

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