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Fullstack Senior Software Engineer with more than 13 years of experience in Web Development. Focused on PHP with Laravel and multiple JS & CSS-related technologies. Passionate for infrastructure and architecture: AWS, RESTful APIs, and Real-time.

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Medellรญn, Colombia
(UTC-05:00) Bogota
Spanish, Castilian, English

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  • Livewire
  • Inertia.js
  • Alpine.js
  • Laravel Vapor
  • Tailwind CSS
  • MySQL
  • PHPUnit
  • Vue.js
  • Redis
  • nginx
  • Docker

Last updated: November 28th 2023

Approved: November 28th 2023


  • Senior
  • C-level

Open to...

  • Full-time contract work
  • Full-time employment

Hey! I am a Fullstack Senior Software Engineer with over 13 years in Web Development.

Here are some of my skills and achievements.

Core Expertise:

  • Specialized in Fullstack Web Development, focusing on PHP using Laravel framework.
  • Extensive experience in various JavaScript and CSS-related technologies.
  • Proficient in creating sophisticated web solutions using technologies like Alpine.js, Vue.js, Tailwind, and Bootstrap.
  • I love TALL stack.

Infrastructure and Architectural Skills:

  • Passionate about developing and managing infrastructures, particularly with AWS.
  • Expert in designing and implementing RESTful APIs and real-time web applications.

Leadership & Project Management:

  • Demonstrated leadership in guiding cross-functional teams toward successful project completion.
  • Managed vital project components and mentored team members in both staff and senior roles.

Development & Innovation:

  • Pioneered the implementation of APIs, database enhancements, and front-end UI revamps.
  • Regularly introduced new features and methodologies to enhance user experience and application functionalities.
  • Implemented serverless architecture and multi-tenant systems, showcasing an innovative approach to modern web development.

Optimization & Problem Solving:

  • Excelled in optimizing applications for high scalability and performance, catering to large user bases.
  • Employed agile methodologies to adapt quickly to changing project requirements and complex challenges.

Communication & Collaboration:

  • Skilled in effective communication with teams and stakeholders.
  • Fostered a culture of feedback and continuous improvement within the team.

Autonomy & Relationship Building:

  • Proven ability to work independently, demonstrating high reliability and autonomy.
  • Established solid and trust-based relationships with clients and stakeholders, ensuring alignment with business goals and customer satisfaction.

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