Proudly sponsoring Larabelles

I'm extremely proud to announce that Laradir is a Silver Sponsor of Larabelles.

Zuzana is doing amazing work in advocating for underrepresented individuals in the PHP and Laravel community.

We absolutely need more diversity in tech and even in the Laravel community. To get there we have to actively encourage and support people in coming into the community.

She gave an excellent talk at Laracon US 2023 helping us all to identify some areas in our own behavior that can make it easier (or harder) for people to come join this wonderful community. You should give it a watch.

I was super lucky to be at that Laracon and meet one of the attendees who was able to attend entirely because of Larabelles!

If Laradir can support this happening for more underrepresented groups, I am all for it!

If you consider yourself to be in an underrepresented group, I'd love to talk to you to find out how I can make Laradir work better for you.

Please feel free to DM me on Twitter or email

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