New Feature: Jobs!

That's right! I've just released the first version of our on-site job board. 🚀

You can get to it via the User menu at the top of every page:

The jobs listed come from all over the web and you have direct access to whatever the application process looks like on the other end. No gimmicks.

The only catch is that the board is only visible to Developers who have an approved profile on Laradir. If your profile isn't approved yet, go update it now so you can access the job board!

Of course, you could find these jobs yourself, but I believe bringing them together into one place makes the process of finding them that much easier.

I'm scouring the web for jobs and adding them to the database every day. So be sure to check back regularly to see the latest ones.

I'm trying really hard to take the hard work out of finding work. There's a lot more to come here, but if you have any requests, please leave a suggestion.

This is all for free! It's offset by Laradir's wonderful Sponsors and Partners, but if you appreciate it, please share Laradir with others.

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