Invest in Your Laravel Engineers!

Published: 3 months ago

It Pays Off

When you’re trying to build something that will stand the test of time, you need to build it well. But “building things well” is often synonymous with “🤑💸” (aka “spend spend spend”).

If you’re a hiring manager or talent acquisition officer, no doubt you feel the responsibility of finding the perfect fit for your company's needs whilst managing the overall budget.

This can be a challenging task when the technologies your company is using or hiring for impact the kind and number of people available to you.

Laravel is a hugely popular PHP framework with thousands and thousands of engineers using it worldwide on a daily basis. And that number is increasing every week!

But just because there are thousands of them doesn’t mean that they come cheap.

I’m here to convince you that, whether you’re going to hire freelancers or full-time employees, you need to invest to ensure your business's success.

Diversity, Flexibility and Scalability

Many Laravel engineers are well-versed in handling a variety of projects, from small-scale websites to complex applications and are well-equipped to work under their own steam.

Laradir currently has over 1,000 engineer profiles in the directory. Over half of these are directly accessible with a Laradir account.

They come from all countries and backgrounds, with different levels of experience and a wide range of skill sets.

Being able to tap into such a large group of skilled engineers is extremely powerful. Instead of a complex and long-winded hiring process, you can get straight to work finding just the right engineers and contacting them immediately.

Whether you're looking for freelancers or permanent Laravel developers, you can tap into specific expertise at just the right time and for just the length of time required.

Access to a Global Talent Pool

By choosing to hire Laravel developers through Laradir, you can tap into a worldwide pool of skilled developers. Don’t limit yourself to just your local area and timezone!

This enables you to find the perfect fit for your project, rather than being limited to local talent and local prices. You might be able to save by using off-shore developers and you still might be able to offer them more than they would make locally, which would help you retain them and keep them motivated.

By spending a bit more on an experienced developer, you can save time and effort in the long run by avoiding common pitfalls and delays that come with throwing inexperienced developers at problems with a steep learning curve.

Staying Up-to-Date with Industry Trends

Laravel engineers are constantly updating their skills to stay competitive in the market. By investing in a skilled engineer, you're ensuring that your project is built using the latest industry standards and technologies.

Many of them tap into resources like Laracasts, Laravel News and Laravel Daily to keep on top of both the Laravel ecosystem and adjacent technologies used for building rich, full-stack applications.

This knowledge and awareness helps them stay on top of the ever-changing technology landscape, which in turn translates to keeping your product fresh and modern and built a solid foundation for future growth and development.

Cost-Saving in the Long Run

It may seem counterintuitive, but investing more in hiring great Laravel engineers will save you money in the long run.

Highly skilled engineers are more efficient, can identify and resolve issues quickly, have a deep understanding of best practices and are experienced in applying them appropriately. This means fewer revisions, less time spent on bug fixes, and a faster turnaround for your projects.

Over 90% of the active profiles on Laradir are considered senior engineers. These are skilled engineers with years of experience using Laravel and other tools—such as React, Vue, and Tailwind to name just a few—to build robust applications.

Interview for Fit

Laradir helps you skip ahead in your hiring process by finding Laravel engineers that already have proven experience working with Laravel. But you still need to interview! Why?

Firstly, while Laradir focuses attention on provable Laravel experience, you may require other specific experience, such as React, MongoDB or Postgres, DevOps and more. You should still make a technical assessment of these skills to make sure each candidate is strong enough in those areas to be a productive and happy member of your team.

Besides that, one of the most important aspects of bringing new people into an existing team (whether as permanent employees or temporary contractors) is the impact they will have on your culture, both the social culture and the technical culture.

Make sure you've had a good opportunity to have this engineer meet some of their potential coworkers. Give them a chance to share some of their opinions and technical decision-making ability.

Don't be afraid to kindly indicate that someone isn't the right fit and end the process with them. And consider having some form probationary period (if local laws allow) to give you and your team a chance to see how a new hire gets on before committing to a more long-term contract.

Hopefully you can see that investing in skilled Laravel developers is a good decision. The flexibility, global talent pool, cost-saving potential and up-to-date industry knowledge are just a few reasons why spending a little more (on paper) can pay off massively in the long run.

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