New Feature: Purchase Credits

For Teams, there are subscriptions. And they're a great, cost-effective way to get access to the full directory of developers.

For Devs, there is currently only one way to get Credits: wait until the start of a new month to get a free one.

Until now!

Anyoneโ€”Devs or Teamsโ€”can buy a credit pack. For just $19, you can top-up your Credits at any time. Each pack gives you 5 Credits and you can purchase up to 10 packs at a time.

What's more, these Credits never expire.

So if you're keen to reach out to other developers on Laradir, it's now easier than ever, no subscription required.

You can always get to the Buy Credits screen from the user menu:

This feature is the awesome work of Alin Chindea. Thanks Alin, I really enjoyed working on this with you.

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